Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android 20110731

Sleep like a baby...or a droid

Sleep as an Droid is an ambitious Android app that aims to make waking up just that little bit easier. View full description


  • Ingenious idea
  • Really seems to work
  • Excellent configuration settings


  • Uses up phone battery
  • Must keep phone close while sleeping


Sleep as an Droid is an ambitious Android app that aims to make waking up just that little bit easier.

The Science

Ignore the awkward name - Sleep as an Droid is actually a very cool application that tracks your sleep and wakes you up when it will be easiest on your body. To use the app, set an alarm for the latest you want to wake up. Under settings, also pick a Smart Early Wake Up time – the earliest it is acceptable for the app to wake you.

The science behind the app is explained by the developer, but is basically this – humans sleep in cycles of deep and light sleep. Sleep as an Droid monitors your sleep based on how much you toss and turn and, as a consequence, how much noise you make. Taking into account the earliest and latest times you have picked, Sleep as an Droid then picks a moment you are sleeping lightly and wakes you up then.

The App

By doing this, Sleep as an Droid aims to make waking up as painless and natural as possible. And after testing for a few days, we’d have to agree! Once you have set your alarm, place Sleep as an Droid on the bed beside you – but don’t power the phone off. The screen will automatically dim, but obviously, the app will keep monitoring all night. You can even record your sleep talking or set an alarm to go off if you begin to snore!

In the morning, you’ll be able to view your sleep patterns, rate the quality of your snooze and even share your records on Facebook, Twitter, by email, etc. Sleep as an Droid comes with fantastic configuration settings, but also has plenty of defaults so you can test the app without too much initial set-up. Even so, we’d recommend checking out the settings when you can – they’ll really help you get the most out of Sleep as an Droid.

Sleep as an Droid is a fantastic app and a really worthwhile use of your smartphone.


  • Hungarian language
  • Fixed incorrect size of early-wakeup period length in Czech locale
  • Fixed in sound recording
  • Fixed on Snooze in Swedish version
  • Fixed in automated update checks
  • On-demand debug logs to help us troubleshooting problems
  • Stop-and-exit button fix after tracking is finished
  • Too short tracking to be saved warning
  • Attempt to fix some bugs in persisting sleep records
  • Fixed crashing bug in alarm music in case external storage is not-accessible
Sleep as Android


Sleep as Android 20110731